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Master's Program in Nursing Science
In recent years, Japan has witnessed the advancing aging society and various transitions in the medical care such as change in disease structure and higher awareness concerning bioethics, patient's human rights, and the quality of life. Amid these changes, fundamental issues on human life and existence are being called into question. Toward a better quality of life, demands are expanding rapidly for the nursing care for the elderly who require constant care at home and the terminal patients, and the nursing techniques to respond to the highly advanced medical treatment. Consequently, there are growing needs for development of specialists and researchers with advanced knowledge and skills. In addition, nursing professionals with practical competence who are able to make independent decisions and to take leadership role are now sought after.

Underpinned by its research and educational basis, Master's Program in Nursing Science provides training in three fields comprised of basic nursing, clinical nursing, and community nursing, in order to promote comprehensive and specialized research on nursing science, and to foster personnel who can exercise great leadership in the fields of clinical nursing, management, education, and research.
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