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Message from the President
Kyushu University of Nursing and Social Welfare was opened in April 1998 with strong local support; it is one of the few universities established by local governments and managed by a private educational institution.
For this reason, we have upheld "university that develops in conjunction with the community" as part of our founding philosophy, where we strive to contribute for coordination and integration of healthcare, medical care, and welfare services, from a standpoint of ordinary people in the local community. March 2006 saw our fifth class of graduates sent out into society, with expectations rising for our roles and functions in the local community.

In 2006, the Rehabilitation Department was established in the hope of meeting more of these expectations and making a further leap forward. Rapid changes in the social structure coupled with an aging population and lower birthrates are greatly influencing the circumstances surrounding healthcare, medical care, and welfare. Our university aims to enhance and develop research and practices in nursing, rehabilitation, and social welfare, as well as to foster human resources that best serve the local community in healthcare and welfare services. We understand the essentiality of healthcare/welfare professionals with sensitivity and respect to patients, cultural literacy, and advanced knowledge and skills.

President Makoto Futatsuka, M.D.

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